fat [fat]
fatter, fattest [ME < OE fætt, pp. of fætan, to fatten, akin to Ger feist, plump < OHG feizzen, to make fat < IE * poid- < base * pi-, to be fat, distended > Gr pimelē, lard, Sans pīná-, fat]
a) containing or full of fat; oily; greasy
b) having much fat in relation to lean: said of meat
c) containing volatile oil [fat coal]
d) containing much resin [fat wood]
a) fleshy; plump
b) too plump; corpulent; obese
3. thick; broad [the fat part of the bat]
4. containing something valuable in great quantity; fertile; productive [fat land]
5. profitable; lucrative [a fat job]
6. prosperous
7. supplied plentifully; ample
8. stupid; dull
9. Slang desirable because large or important [a fat role for an actor]
1. any of various mixtures of solid or semisolid triglycerides found in adipose animal tissue or in the seeds of plants: they are insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvents
2. any such substance used in cooking
3. fleshiness; plumpness; corpulence
4. the richest or finest part of anything
5. anything unnecessary or superfluous that can be trimmed away
6. Chem. a class of neutral lipids consisting of the various triglycerides: they are called oils if in the liquid state
vt., vi.
fatted, fatting [ME fatten < OE fættian]
to make or become fat: now usually FATTEN
☆ a fat chance
Slang very little or no chance
a fat lot
Slang very little or nothing
chew the fat
Slang to talk together; chatlive off ( or on) the fat of the land
live off (or on) the fat of the land [after LL(Ec) medulla terrae, Gen. 45:18]
to have, use, or enjoy the finest things, in abundance; live in luxury
the fat is in the fire
the unfortunate thing has happened and cannot be undone

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